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Sanitary equipment collections
for bathrooms and toilets

Caring for the attractiveness of the offered equipment and meeting the expectations of our customers, we are constantly expanding our offer.

We currently offer over a dozen stylistically coherent collections, including one - MERIDA UNIQUE - in many variants. This puts us in the position of the unquestionable market leader.

We consistently strive to improve the attractiveness of equipment design, increase comfort of use, and reduce operating costs.

Merida - sanitary equipment, hygienic articles, cleaning products

For almost 30 years, we have been a market leader in public toilet equipment and in the production and distribution of hygienic articles and cleaning products. We are the manufacturer of bathroom accessories, liquid soaps, paper towels, toilet paper. We deliver hand dryers, waste bins, waste segregation bins, waste bags.

Among 200,000 of our customers there are cleaning companies, petrol stations, restaurants, shopping centres, offices, schools, hospitals, surgeries, factories, institutions and many more. Continuity of supplies is guaranteed by our own production facilities, a modern logistics centre and a fleet of vans and trucks. Efficient service is ensured by 500 employees in 31 company branches. Perfect adjustment of the offer to the individual needs of the customers is guaranteed by a team of 100 commercial specialists.

Ekologiczne i ekonomiczne papiery MERIDA

Wyroby naszej papierni otrzymały certyfikat Ecolabel, który potwierdza ich zgodność z rygorystycznymi kryteriami ekologicznymi, promującymi zrównoważony rozwój i ochronę środowiska. W ramach procesu certyfikacji, nasza papiernia została poddana szczegółowej ocenie pod względem wielu różnych aspektów produkcji, od pozyskiwania surowców, poprzez proces technologiczny, aż po produkt końcowy.

Wybierając produkty oznaczone certyfikatem Ecolabel, Klienci mają pewność nie tylko, że wybierają produkty wysokiej jakości, ale również, że wybierają produkty wyprodukowane z poszanowaniem najwyższych standardów ekologicznych.

Instructional videos

How do you efficiently change refills in foam soap dispensers, operate liquid soap dispensers?
How do you change refills in paper towel roll dispensers?

You can find the answers to all your questions about our equipment in our instruction and training videos.